Full Body Scanner



SG Body scanner is a whole body security screening and scanning system for personal inspection based on X-ray transmission technology with a low dose.
SG Body scanner makes it possible to detect a wide range of objects, like metals, plastics, organic materials, concealed under clothing, swallowed or hidden in the anatomical cavities at harmless levels of radiation dose for the inspected person.

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  • Generator in Delta Frame generates x-rays
  • Lead Lined Delta Frame collimates x-rays into narrow vertical curtain/beam
  • Platform moves individual through beam
  • Software collects data from diode array
  • Data is displayed as image on Operator Interface
  • FDA ANSI 43.17-2009 Regulations 250μSv Annual Dose
  • Software monitors annual dosage received
  • System is designed with following core values:
    • Low-Dose, Harmless x-ray
    • Time-Distance-Shielding
    • As Low As Reasonable Achievable–”ALARA”
    • During scan, no personnel in yellow highlighted area.