Hesco Bunkers



The Hesco Bunker is mainly used in war zones or were some enemy fire is expected.
The HESCO Concertainer is the most common used field fortification element, because it is a simple construction, easily transportable and installable, variable, requires minimal workforce and can be used for a long time.

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Typical military applications include:

  • Perimeter Security and Defence Walls;
  • Equipment Revetments;
  • Ammunition Compounds;
  • Personnel and Material Bunkers;
  • Observation Points and Guard Posts;
  • Defensive Firing Positions;
  • Explosives and Contraband Search Areas;
  • Highway Checkpoints;
  • Border Crossing Checkpoints;
  • Protecting Existing Structures;
  • Highway Traffic Management;
  • Accommodation facilities;
  • COLPRO (Collective Protection);
  • Medical facilities.

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