Secure-Ship Counter Piracy



5500 volt electric fence surrounds the ship!
It is Non-Lethal, so no one can die from it!
It is similar to systems used to protect security installations
Easy to fold so it does not hamper ship's operations
Protect yourself since governments can't / won't protect you

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  • Complete protection against intruders on ships
  • High quality equipment designed for maritime use.
  • Relevant for the following uses:
    • Deter and Prevent Piracy Attacks
    • Prevent Robberies
    • Prevent Stowaways from Climbing on-board
    • Prevent dangerous elements from entering the ship
    • Protects the crew and guests
  • Complete access control to the vessel
  • Folds away when required for vessel port operations
  • Can be removed / re-installed by crew

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