Secure-Fence 5500v Shock-Wire




The Answer to Securing Air-Ports, Sea-Ports, Crititical Assets and other High Risk areas.
The 5500 volt shock wire fence!
An affordable and fast way to secure your property

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  • The fastest and best way to create a secure area.
  • Both 5500 volts (Non-Lethal) and 12 volts currents (day & night settings).
  • Full integration into comprehensive VMS.
  • Portable version available too (for short term requirements).
  • Virtually┬áno maintenance, and no false alarms.
  • Over 3000 sites include:
    • government agencies,
    • military sites,
    • prison and detention centers,
    • airports and ports,
    • large private sector companies,
    • housing complexes,
    • warehouses and storage facilities,
    • and many more