Ensura Command and Control VMS



A world’s leading integrated security and video surveillance system with proven track record of managing thousands of cameras and more than 10 Petabytes of storage in one system.
Successfully control and manage very large security and video systems, managed by dozens of operators simultaneously at different locations.

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  • Total scalability, from small to very large sites
  • Very reliable and stable system
  • Easy user interface for security operators
  • Control over all security elements
  • Full NVR capabilities over remote recording servers
  • Full video wall and site map displays
  • Advanced Map zooming capabilities
  • Integrated video analytics with smart rules
  • Face recognition and access control
  • Number plate recognition at high speed with black list tagging
  • Full connection and control to IOT
    • Street lights
    • Heat sensors
    • Water and fluid sensors
    • Airconditioning
    • Electricity meters
    • and many more

More information at ENSURAcc.com